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"Annie", "Blackie" & "Sassie" Alan Hamley

In Alan's own words...

"From left to right in the picture above are:
"Annie" built by my friend and fine guitar builder, Taffy Evans. I have had this beautiful guitar for a few years now.
She is a Cedar top, New Guiena Rosewood back and sides, Jarrah fingerboard and bridge with a Walnut head plate.
"Blackie" is one of mine and he is all Tasmanian Blackwood.
"Sassie" is my first build and she is Tasmanian Golden Sassafrass with Tasmanian Myrtle appointments.

Visit Alan's MySpace Page to have a listen


Vineyard WSB100

My cheap pile of politically-incorrect plywood humble factory-built hollowneck.
Polished a bit , fitted with brass nut & saddle, Kluson-style tuners.
Now also pimped with a laminate fretboard overlay since this photo.
Yeah, I know, my bad!

Radio-Tone circa 1926

My Radio-Tone found on Ebay
"Restored to Unoriginal Condition" May 2007
Solid Gumwood & the sweetest can of worms your ears'll ever taste!
More on the Radio-Tone Hollownecks here.



Steinar Gregertsen's 3 beauties...
Hey, hang on, that one on the left ain't no hollowneck.!.!.!
Oh, what the hell, it's in good company, right? We'll let that one slide
( if you'll pardon the expression! hehe )

Left to right: '30s MayBell parlour
Lazy River Spruce/Walnut Weiss
Lazy River Sapele Teardrop Weiss



Jim Brobek's "Brauchli" Hollownecks...
This pair of beautiful guitars were made by Tasmanian luthier Daniel Brauchli.
Both contain bracing which incorporates carbon-fibre for increased volume and responsiveness.
The darker fixed bridge is made of Tasmanian Blackwood.
The lighter floating bridge guitar has a cedar sound-board
with Blackwood sides and back.

Mark Talbert's Radiotone
Possibly a 1929 model, restored with original tailpiece & bridge.

Hear it here!
Amazing Grace.mp3

Jay Driscoll from the band Barefoot Truth
Jay plays this sweeet Lazy River hollowneck made by Rance White...
Is that beautiful ribbon-grain Mahogany with flamed Maple binding?

Kathy Wolfe's Beauties...
This is Kathy's absolutely stunning Koa Weissenborn made by Rayco,
which sounds as good as it looks!

Isn't Koa a remarkable thing?

Here's Kathy's original 1930s Kona, ok not a hollowneck but must be a joy to play...

23" Scale Hollowneck
A "Parlour-Size" guitar with shorter than standard scale-length
by Bristolian Guitars of Bristol, UK.
This one is tuned to open E & the top is specifically voiced for
tunings like low-bass A & the more usual electric-steel tunings like C6th.

This one has mahogany back & sides & a "cider" top (cedar with a stain!)

Another "Parlour-Sized" Hollowneck
This Bristolian has a spruce top & floating-bridge with tailpiece.
The ladder-braced top imparts a "dry" tone unlike an X-braced guitar.


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