In no particular order,
people who just love them Hollowneck gutars!


Christiaan Oyens
Brazillian artist who's performance of "Baby Set A Date" on Youtube first introduced me to the sweet and expressive sound of the hollowneck.
Thanks Chris!

Bob Brozman
Saint Bob!
'Nuff said.

David Lindley
Impossibly talented multi-instruMENTALIST...
Consumer of catfood sandwiches!

Alan Hamley
Antipodean Roots & Blues artist.
Builds a fine hollowneck!

Fred Kinbom
Purveyor of uniquely mellow yet intense
Scandinavian Folk-influenced acoustic steel guitar tunes.
Ed Gerhard
Doesn't write instrumental guitar music,
writes songs that guitars sing.
Kevin Brown
Slide & Steel Blues & Roots Legend, runs the legendary "Slide School"

Jim Petit
Supremely talented musician, with a gift of originality.
Nob Sugino
An exceptional artist who incorporates elements of Western and Traditional Japanese music into his style.

Steinar Gregertsen
Stalwart of a free blues-rock style, definately plays "to express, not to impress"

Rob Anderlik
Dobro and Weissenborn maestro with an excellent website with TABs & videos.
Responsible for the most spine-tinglingly soulful "Amazing Grace" on the whole of YouTube...

AKA Charles R. Cauchon.
Loves all lap-style instruments & shares his passion on YouTube...
A valued contributor to this site!

Jay Driscoll
Guitarist from acoustic folk-rock band Barefoot Truth, has a tune on our tabs page!

more soon....