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William Peter Pester.
"The Hermit of Palm Springs"
Playing unidentified Knutsen guitar. 1917(!)
photo: The Knutsen Archives


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This website is dedicated to the Hollowneck Acoustic Hawaiian Steel Guitar...
If you already play regular guitar & want a go at "lap-style",
if you're a total newbie, seasoned expert,
or somewhere inbetween,

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Instructional material on this site is mostly but not exclusively aimed at players using the open D or open E tuning,
or any tuning which shares the same intervals between the strings.

Much of the material on this site
would also apply to prettymuch
any acoustic steel guitar.
So a regular acoustic with a nut-riser,
squareneck or dobro player may also
find or contribute useful stuff here!

Got a "normal" acoustic?
Fit a nut-riser
for some lap action!

Steel Guitar has a rich heritage
and the hollowneck is just a small part of it,
but that's what we're aiming for on this site,
so if you'd like to contribute to this website in any way, get ye over to the sharey bit!
If you're totally new to it all, here's
Wikipedia's pages:
"Lap slide guitar"

"Lap steel guitar"
"Steel Guitar"

I hope you enjoy this site.
May your visit be fruitful.
Have fun!
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