Acoustic Hollowneck Steel Guitar

Malago "fb" with spruce top

The Malago "fb" is a version of the Malago with a floating bridge & tailpiece instead of a regular fixed bridge.

The design features ladder bracing for the top which along with the floating bridge gives a "drier" tone than the standard version which harks back to the vintage Stella parlour guitars with an almost "triconey" midrange punchiness and swifter decay reminiscant of the ultra-rare Selmer Maccaferri Hawaiian Guitars, making it well suited to playing high staccato single-note runs.
This distinctive voice makes it ideal for "Hot" Gypsy Jazz or 1930s Paris-Style tunes.

The Malago "fb" shares the same dimensions & offers the same custom options available on the standard model, including peghead logo inlay, custom fretboard design, fretboard dot inlay, soundhole rosette, binding and finish choices.

The floating bridge is constucted from solid rosewood, with bone or brass saddle slotted to maintain string-spacing.
The adjustable trapieze tailpiece is available in silver or gold to match your choice of tuners.

Like the regular Malago it has the hidden internal headblock profile which reflects pressure-waves back along the hollow neck for that unique Bristolian sound.

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