The Malago
Acoustic Hollowneck Steel Guitar
The Malago was originally concieved as a "Parlour-Sized" hollowneck with a shorter than usual scale-length made specifically for higher tunings than the more regular "Weissenborn" tunings of open D or G.

Guitarists who already play "regular" electric steel guitars (which tend to have shorter scale-length) will find that with this guitar they can have access to a sweet & rich acoustic tone with the absolute minimum adaptation of technique, as the familiar scale length makes slants an absolute breeze!

The Malago with "Cider" top

Overall Length: 34" / 864mm
Lower Bout: 12" / 305mm
Upper Bout: 7&1/8" / 81mm
Depth @Tailblock: 3&1/2" / 90mm
Depth @Headblock: 2&3/4" / 70mm
Nut Width: 2" / 51mm
String Spacing @Nut: 5/16" / 8mm
String Spacing @Bridge: 7/16" / 11mm
Scale Length: 23" / 584mm

The top & bracing are voiced specifically to generate the best possible tone for tunings such as:
open E (a much-favoured tuning for accompanying a "regular" guitar),
"low-bass-A" (the traditional Hawaiian tuning as found in the majority of original instructional material from the early half of the 20th century)
and the family of tunings used more by electric steel guitar players such as C6th etc.

Despite this The Malago is also capable of being played in the lower tunings such as open D, where it exhibits a unique tone which distinguishes itself from the more common "Weissenborn Copies".
It's a guitar which stands alone as the ideal instrument for someone looking for a guitar with that ethereal acoustic hollowneck tone and sustain but which has it's own distinctive voice, different from a regular "Weissenborn Copy" and also avoiding the tonal compromise of using a capo for higher tunings.

This design featues a modified version of the traditional "X-Bracing" with the main vibrational area of the soundboard being round and the bridge saddle placed centrally for a beautifully rich and sweet tone with excellent note separation.
The bracing is finely radiused which "preloads" the top against string tension and makes The Malago highly responsive to the player's touch, with a wide dynamic range from soft & intimate to a strident growl if you really "dig in".

Another feature hidden inside The Malago is that the internal face of the headblock is shaped into a compound radius parabolic curve which effectively acts as a "waveguide", reflecting acoustic energy back down the hollow neck towards the soundboard further reinforcing the tone.

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